If you have ever got together with a bunch of friends purely to discuss and exchange books, you already have your own BYOB Chapter! 

If not, then you can either join an existing chapter in your city or start one of your own! It’s super easy and super fun, and the satisfaction of having a tribe to belong to makes it totally worth it! 

Before starting a chapter, please keep in mind that:

1. You cannot use a BYOB chapter for any monetary gain.

2. Any BYOB chapter can not be used to promote any individual or organisation without prior permission.

3. There can be no entry/membership/subscription fees at any BYOB chapter.

4. Your voluntary efforts in organising a BYOB chapter shall be recognised.

5. No BYOB chapter can encourage/endorse or indulge in piracy. 

So how do you Start a BYOB Chapter in your city?

1. Decide how big or small you want it to be!

If you are going big, you might want to register with us and get a “yourcity”.bringyourownbook.org domain and possibly (but we can’t promise) an @bringyourownbook.org email address. Send an email to start@bringyourownbook.org to discuss further!

If you don’t want to put in too much effort (nobody wants their reading time eaten into!), we recommend creating a facebook group as the most effective way to organise a BYOB chapter! Meetup.com is another great option you could try to find members and schedule meets!

In either case, do give us a heads up and we’ll feature your group on our website here, our facebook page, goodreads group, twitter, instagram, etc! This will help you in reaching out to potential members in your local community. Depending on how big or small you want to keep your group, we can list your events on our facebook and goodreads

Usually if there are 10 people in your group, that’s cosy! 20-25 is a BIG enough group! And 15 is the ideal number.

2. Decide on the format! 

The essence of BYOB is that you Bring Your Own Book. That’s it.

Nobody says you have to lend it to other members, or have a theme to each meet-up… That’s the choice of individual chapters. Delhi’s rules are (no surprises!) nearly bureaucratic in their complexity, while Bangalore is a little more liberal with stricter enforcement, and nobody is sure what the Mumbai rules really are. 

You can pick any of these three cities as a model of your own BYOB chapter or draft your own rules. A recommended “lite” model is BYOB Stop-Go. Essentially this is a more democratic model, for chapters where all the members are too busy to take up too many responsibilities. Write to start@bringyourownbook.org for the full description of this model!

3. Divide the responsibilities! 

This depends on your format of course! But to give you an idea, here’s the advertisement we put out for volunteers when we were setting up the Bangalore chapter:

Call for volunteers!

Bangalore, are you tired of having the same old conversations about the awesome weather, the awful traffic, and Chetan Bhagat’s fractional girlfriends? Would you rather do something else with your talent and skillz that only you seem to recognize and never get thanked for? We need you!

Get in touch with us at bangalore@bringyourownbook.org if you LOVE reading and are good at any one or more of the following:

4. Organise your first meet-up! 

Your first meet-up is the most critical as it sets the tone for the rest. So choose the time and venue carefully! Give us a heads up so that can list your meet on our facebook and goodreads pages. Do remember to have a lot of fun and share the pictures with us later! 


Send an email to start@bringyourownbook.org for any further queries!