Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I join?

Read the rules of the club and sign up using the google form given on that page. 

  • I’m from a different city! 

Send an email to to start a chapter in your city! Orsubscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about activities in other cities.


  • How is the Delhi BYOB different from other book clubs?

Instead of the entire group reading one book and discussing it, each member talks about the book of his/her choice. Moreover, the members exchange their books with each other. 

  • What happens at the Delhi BYOB club meetings?

Members bring in at least one book each and discuss it with the rest of the club (1-2 minutes). After all the reviews are done, members are free to exchange their books with each other. All transactions under the Club’s roof are recorded on a register (so much better than lending to a friend who years later pretends they’ve never even seen the book…). After food and drinks, the group breaks until the next meet. 

  • I don’t want to lend my book to you guys… Can I still talk about it?

Yes, of course! Talk away! You don’t have to lend every book you talk about, or lend a book at every meet.

  • At the meet, I can’t find a book I’d like to borrow. What do I do?

Enjoy the food! And the company! Also, we’d advise you to withdraw your own book if nobody wants to read it.  

  • I’ve finished reading the book I borrowed and I need another book to read but the next meeting isn’t for days…

We maintain a surplus library at a member’s house. You are welcome to drop in on any day between the meetings and swap your book. 

  • I want to attend the next meeting but I haven’t finished reading the book I borrowed in the previous meeting.

Bring it along so that we know you haven’t book-napped it! Or get another book that you’ve read! The Delhi BYOB Club frowns upon entry without a book, but is sometimes willing to accept bribes such as pizza, chocolate or cake. 

  • Can I bring a friend?

YES! But they MUST carry a book!

  • What if people aren’t interested in the kind of books I read (and want to talk about)?

Dude, have you ever even hung out with REAL bibliophiles? 

  • I’m really shy, can you exempt me from talking at the meet?

The admins are very understanding of your reluctance to talk. We can’t say the same for other members. If somebody tries to engage you in a conversation, it won’t be polite to sit mum. Also, we can bet you a cupcake that you can’t attend a BYOB meet-up without feeling a strong urge to blabber away, no matter how shy you are. 

  • Man, do I have to register on your damned Google form every single time?

Yes. When you click on “Edit your response”, all your previously entered data is accessible for review. As of now, BYOB runs on pure volunteer time and effort, with zero sponsors or donations or any sort of monetary compensation. Clicking on a few buttons is the least you can do. :)

  • Is the Delhi BYOB club really all for free?

Yes and no. There might be certain meetings where we ask you to pay for or carry your own food.

In addition, there are certain fees and penalties which you can easily avoid:

Check out an extra book - Rs 50.

Entry without a book - food.

Returning books later than 3 months after you borrowed it - cake.

Return a damaged book/loss of book - original cost of the book paid to the owner of the book.

The idea behind the fees and penalties is to have a small fund to purchase popular books for the club. 


  • Can I bring ANY book?

Avoid books published before 1916 because most of them are available freely online. Check or for availability. But if yours is a special edition (a special preface, or new illustration, or autographed…), you’re welcome to bring it!

  • Can I bring a book I wrote?

You can. In fact, you MUST bring the book(s) you wrote. We’ll stock them up in our surplus library! But for the sake of fairness (to other authors), we ask you to bring an ADDITIONAL book not written by you. 

  • I don’t really read paper books anymore. I have a laptop/kindle/kobo…

At Delhi BYOB, we don’t confuse the plate for the food. Bring your e-reading device as a proof of having read the book and join the discussions!  

  • I have some unread books that I want to dump on the club…

You can dump a maximum of 5 unread books per meet. But you must bring at least one book you’ve READ at every meet (so that you can talk about it).

  • Do I get credit for bringing a book that is already in your collection?

Yes! We eliminate unwanted books by returning them if they aren’t circulated in 3 consecutive meet-ups.

  • Should I purchase a new book to bring to the club?

Not really! Bring a book you’ve read and don’t mind lending to the club.


  • Will I ever get my book back?

You can lend your book to the club on a temporary or permanent basis. Even if you’re lending it temporarily, we advise you to not get emotionally attached to it. :p Think of us as that friend who loves you and WANTS to return your book. 

  • Can I take more than one book from the club?

You can borrow as many books as you have credits. Or you can pick an extra book from the surplus library for a small fees of Rs 50.

  • Can I lend a book I borrowed from the Club to a person outside the club?

Not at all! Instead invite them to the next club meeting! 

  • Can I scribble in / break the spine of / kill cockroaches with / tear / put food stains on a book I borrow?


  • What if I accidentally damage a book I took from the club?

First of all, avoid bringing or borrowing books that are already falling apart… If you still end up reducing the book to a state that makes it embarrassing to bring back to the club, then just bring a different one! 

(Don’t argue with us when we refuse to take back a damaged book or ask for a penalty.)

  • I lost the book that I borr….

OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Oh just bring another book. If it was a temporary loan to the club then please buy the original owner a new copy.


  • What happens when I leave the club?

You can check out any time you like but you can never leave. On a serious note, please drop off or courier the book(s) you have borrowed. We will return you the book(s) if they were a temporary loan. If the club is unable to return the first book you brought in, you can keep a “permanent donation” book as a gift from the club.

Got a question that is not on this list? Email!

Last updated - 01/04/15