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GOOD NEWS! Our library is back thanks to Yash! You can start checking out books from our next meet on 10th December. Meanwhile, you'll be getting individual invites to the library. Once you have created an account, you can request books on our catalog. 
You can view the books that we have here:

Part of our library is housed at Getafix Cafe in GK and its branch in Gurugram!

What You Need To Know

Our Rules

To attend meets:

1. Our meets are announced on our facebook page. Please subscribe to the events to stay updated about the various meets happening in Delhi NCR.

2. To attend any meet you MUST register. You may be required to register by sending a photo of the book you are bringing to delhi@bringyourownbook.org, or by filling out the google form.

  • You will NOT get an immediate email confirming the receipt of your registration. In fact you may not get an email at all.

  • The mode of registration will be mentioned on the vent description on our facebook page.

  • If you are filling the google form for your second or any subsequent meet-ups please click on “Edit Your Response”. Consider this to be your “BYOB Account”. For the “Edit Your Response” link to work properly, please make sure you are logged into the same Google account you used to sign up.

3. Bring (at least) one book that you have read to the meet. You will be orally reviewing it to the club members. The book may be physical or digital.

4. Please note that the book(s) you bring should be based on the theme of the meet you’re attending:

    1. General meet: Any book you’ve read.

    2. Themed meet: Based on the topic specified.

5. If the meet is in a cafe or restaurant, please do not attend if you think you will not be able to order anything. Each member pays for what they order. We may also order a platter to share amongst everybody. 

6. Do not give out any spoilers at the meet-up. Please keep your oral review of the book to interesting and crisp.

7. At the meet you are not allowed to:

  • Promote your organisation/endeavour/etc. 

  • Indulge in disruptive or unruly behaviour.

  • Those indulging in any of the above will be banned from future meet-ups.

To lend books:

8. Lending the book you are bringing is NOT compulsory. However if you do want to lend your book read rules 9-13.

9. Please make sure your book is in a fairly presentable condition, such that the member who borrows it does not end up inadvertently damaging it beyond repair.

10. You have the option of lending your book on a temporary or permanent basis. Temporary means you have a good chance of getting it back after a few months, but the Delhi BYOB Club does not guarantee this.

11. It is MANDATORY that you write your name on your book. If you are averse to writing directly on the book, you could attach a sticky note which mentions your contact details and maybe a short review of the book.

12. BYOB welcomes its members to permanently donate books with a limit of 5 books at any given meet. This is NOT the same as lending.

13. It is essential to fill in the details of the book lent in the “Book-In, Book-Out” circulated during the meet. BYOB will NOT track books which are not entered in the BIBO sheet. 

14. Admins will NOT courier your books back to you. You have to collect them at the meets. If you cannot attend meets but still want your book(s) back, please email delhi@bringyourownbook.org to facilitate the same.

To borrow books:

15. To borrow a book from the BYOB library you require book credits. (Explained in the next segment).

16. The book(s) you borrow must be returned within 3 months of borrowing. Members returning the books any later will be penalised (see rule 29).

  • In case you are unable to return a book within 3 months of borrowing it, you may WhatsApp an image of the book to the concerned admin, in order to reissue it for another 3 months.

17. The books must be returned in the same condition in which they were borrowed.

  • Any damage caused to the book will be subject to a penalty (see rule 30). 

18. It is essential to fill in the details of the book borrowed in the “Book-In, Book-Out” circulated during the meet. Defaulters will be penalised (see rule 32).

19. Do NOT return books directly to members in between meets unless you are asked to do so by an admin. Defaulters will be penalised (see rule 33).

20. Book borrowing etiquettes:

  • Please wait until the end of the meet to select a book. 

  • If you are leaving early, avoid taking a book with you. 

  • If a book is in somebody’s hand, assume they are going to borrow it, and don’t unnecessarily ask for it. 

  • Do not shout out names of books you want to borrow, look for it quietly.

The Book Credit System


21. For each book that you orally review AND lend (on temporary or permanent basis) to the club, you get 1 book credit.

22. You can borrow one book per book credit.

23. At any given time, you can have a maximum of 3 book credits.

24. Following books will not be eligible for a book credit:

  • Books written by you.

  • Books available on gutenberg.org or archive.org

  • Books you’ve not read.

  • Damaged books.

  • Digital books.

  • Pirated books. 

25. If your book does not go into circulation for 6 months , then your credit for it gets revoked and the book is “expired”.

26. “Expired” books, if not collected within 3 months of notification, are moved to Getafix cafe for another 3 months, after which they are disposed off via giveaways or donations. That’s a total of 6 months for you to collect your book once you receive an email from us that it has “expired”.

Fees and Penalties


27. [FEES] If you have at least 1 credit, you can borrow additional books upto a maximum of 3 books at a time, for the (non-refundable) charge of Rs 50 per book.

28. [FEES] You can transfer the courier charges to an admin’s bank/paytm/amazon account if you want your books couriered back to you.

29. [PENALTY] If you return books any later than 3 months after which you borrowed them, you have to pay a penalty in the form of a cake (home baked or market purchased) at your next meet-up.

30. [PENALTY] Any damage or loss caused to the borrowed book(s) will be compensated by paying the original cost of the book(s) to the owner.

31. [PENALTY] Those who give out spoilers will be pelted with various food items (usually rotten).

32. [PENALTY] Those who do not fill the BIBO sheet will have ALL their credits revoked at once.

33. [PENALTY] Those who return books directly to fellow members without informing an admin will not be returned their books.

34. Fees and penalties are used to fund popular books for the club.


35. Please email delhi@bringyourownbook.org to facilitate the return of books if you wish to leave the club.

36. We will ask you to drop off the book(s) you have borrowed at the nearest possible location to you.

37. We will return you the book(s) if they were a temporary loan. If we are unable to return the book(s) you brought in, you can keep a “permanent donation” book(s) as a gift from the club. Please allow us 3 months to return your books.

Admin team


38. The Delhi admin team consists of the following: Nidhi, Kriti, Varsha, Adarsh, Shashank, Yash, Utkarsh and Valiullah (Gurgaon).


39. The admin team is bound by honour to not divulge phone numbers or any other personal details of members. At most, they can share email addresses.


40. At the meeting, please listen carefully and follow the directions of the admins.


41. BYOB reserves the right to expel any member who indulges in any inappropriate behaviour towards other members and admins.

For further clarifications, refer to the FAQ page.

Rights of Admission Reserved. The rules on this page may be changed by BYOB at any time. Registered members will receive an email updating them about the same.

Not in Delhi? Stay updated about upcoming BYOB chapters in other cities!!

Last updated - 10/11/2016